Sash windows often conjure thoughts of draughty Victorian properties with rattly window frames filled with single paned glass, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, sash windows are extremely energy efficient and the only cause for draughts or rattles generally comes down to a building being so old and uncared for that it had fallen into a state of disrepair. New timber sash windows, or existing windows that have been repaired and upgraded, offer excellent thermal performance.

If your windows fit badly or are damaged, the air in your home will be changed approximately three times an hour, meaning you will be heating up air which is then immediately lost. By repairing or replacing your sash windows to make them draught proof, you will not only save money on your energy bills, but you will also have a more comfortable property to enjoy living in too.

Which sash window service is best for my property?

We offer both sash window repair and replacement services:

Sash window repairs

This service would be suitable for you if your timber sash windows are still usable, and the frame is intact. We will be able to remove rotten timber or damaged areas, rebalance the window sash if needed, repair or replace ironmongery, and replace any failing individual parts like cords and beading. Our sash window repair service is a great option for anyone that wants to improve insulation and kerb appeal, but keen to retain their existing windows. Our meticulous restoration team will have your sashes looking as good as new.

Sash window replacements

Many older sashes can suffer significant damage over their long reign. If you think your window frames are beyond repair, you may be better suited to our sash window replacement service. If you find that your windows suffer from many of the ailments listed below, it maybe time for a complete overhaul. Look out for:

  • Large amounts of rotten or damaged timber
  • Ill-fitting sashes that are misshapen
  • Draughts and cold spots in the room
  • Broken glazing, or large gaps between the frame and glass
  • Sashes that won’t open or close fully
  • Damage to the window frame.

New windows will be measured, manufactured and installed with precision so you can wave goodbye to draughts for good.

Sash window glass replacement

Double-glazed sash windows are a must in order to achieve superior insulation. If you have your sash windows fully replaced, we can install double glazing into your new frames. We can even advise you on glazing options for anyone living in a conservation are or listed buildings where double glazing is not permitted.

In summary, timber sash windows are great at keeping the heat in and the cold out.  However, if you live in an older property where the windows are in need of some TLC, the three options outlined in this blog will be sure to bring the energy efficiency of your windows up to scratch in no time at all. You’ll be able to improve insulation, eliminate draughts and never have to battle with a cold room or ill-fitted, rattly sash ever again!