As a stylish and effective alternative to curtains, why not consider plantation shutters for your home? Having bespoke timber shutters made for your property can offer a stylish look with minimal maintenance that you can expect to last for years. Plus, shutters can offer you more effective light control than standard curtains or blinds. If you are looking to replace the existing curtains or blinds in your home with an eye-catching alternative, plantation shutters are an option worth considering. Allow us to talk you through how your home could benefit.

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are versatile and offer an eye-catching alternative to standard curtains or blinds. Find out why they are the right choice for your home:

Timeless design

The classic style of plantation shutters means that they will offer you an alternative to curtains and will last for years to come. Regardless of whether you are trying to achieve a modern look throughout your home, or complement more classic features, we can craft shutters to match any type of interior. They are also suited to any colour scheme in any room of the house, from kitchens to bedrooms and bathrooms. The fact that they are custom made to each window combined with their design makes them versatile and well suited to any room you decide to have them installed in.

Light control

One of the main benefits of plantation shutters is the light control they offer when compared with other available options. You can keep the slats of your shutters fully open to allow maximum light into your room. If you want to reduce the amount of light coming in, slatted shutters can be adjusted to allow for as much light as you wish to come into the room. The shutter panel can either cover the entire window from top to bottom or cover the bottom half only. We can even install a mid-rail to full height shutters to allow you to control the louvres on the top half of the window separately to those on the bottom. This allows them to offer better versatility and superior light control compared when with blinds and curtains.

Easy to clean

Curtains can be prone to picking up dirt and other stains over time, at which point you will need to have them removed and dry cleaned to restore their appearance. With shutters, this is not the case, and the cleaning process could not be simpler. Using a damp cloth to wipe away any grime, or a feather duster to clear any dust that has gathered will have your shutters looking their best once again.

Privacy and security

Shutters have the dual capability of being able to let light in, whilst still allowing you to have privacy in your own home. This prevents passers by or thieves from looking through the windows into your home, offering you an extra layer of protection against unwanted visitors. They can also provide extra security in the event of a break in, making it more difficult for thieves to gain access to your home.

Added value

As well as their classic design and straightforward maintenance, plantation shutters can be an intelligent investment due to how they can add value to your home. Once you feel it is time to sell your property, these shutters can become an asset, appealing to potential buyers for their appearance and practicality. This can make the initial expense worthwhile.

If you feel that plantation shutters are the right option for your home, our team at Home Counties Joinery can handmake your new timber shutters just for you. Each shutter that our expert joiners make at our workshop is completely bespoke, meaning it will be designed specifically for your property. If you would like to discuss plantation shutters for your property, speak to our team today. Call 01279 967 444 or email so that we can better understand your requirements.