If you are making improvements to your home, or you have recently moved house, one of the most important details for you to look at is furniture. Looking at popular furniture stores will leave you with similar looking furniture that doesn’t give your home the bespoke, unique feel you are hoping to create. If you want to create a space that is completely your own and is designed to your specifications, bespoke timber furniture is the right option for you. Find out why you should consider this for your home.

Made to measure

One of the main problems with buying flat pack furniture or pre-made furniture is that it will only be available in a specific measurement, that may not be suitable for the space that you have available. Timber furniture can be manufactured to your exact specifications regarding space, so that it will fit perfectly as a feature of your newly designed room.


Furniture such as wardrobes and drawers from popular furniture stores are common in many homes and can make your interior feel very generic. Choosing bespoke furniture allows you to create something that will be unique to your home and will be different to anything else. With the different choices of timber available and a painted finish of your choice, you can have furniture created that is completely bespoke and gives your home a wow factor.


One of the common criticisms of flat pack furniture is that it is not durable and can begin to fall apart after a few years of use. This is not the case with custom-made timber furniture. This furniture is made from the highest quality materials, with timber known for its longevity and ability to remain looking its best for years to come. You can expect this timeless wooden furniture to last for many years.

Complements your interior

It can be easy to spend hours searching for the right furniture to provide the perfect complement to each room of your home, but with bespoke timber furniture, you can make sure that you design something that matches perfectly. The options you have available include multiple different types of wood, such as oak, ash, pine and utile. Each one has different properties and is a different shade to match the rest of your interior. You can also choose a custom finish in terms of colour and type of paint used, so the final product is something that will blend in seamlessly with your property.

Added value

Not only can bespoke timber furniture help create your dream home, but it can also be a worthwhile investment for the future if you decide to move house. The quality of timber used, and the detailed manufacturing process ensures durability and longevity, which means you can expect this furniture to continue looking its best in your home. This means that should you decide the time has come to sell your property, leaving it furnished with premium timber décor can add significant value, and will ensure you gain maximum return on your original investment.

If you would like to have bespoke wooden furniture made for your home, contact our team at Home Counties Joinery. We have put together a team of skilled joiners, who can manufacture furniture to your precise specifications for your property. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding bespoke timber furniture, contact us today by calling 01279 967 444 or emailing info@homecountiesjoinery.co.uk. We would be happy to discuss your preferences with you.