As we continue to work towards securing global net-zero, keeping global warming to a 1.5 degrees level, and protecting natural habitats and communities against the effects of climate change, it has never been more important to conscious about changes we can all make as businesses and individuals.

As a natural product, wood is a renewable resource that can be harvested with limited environmental impact, so as long as it is sourced responsibly. Moreover, wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by using wood rather than fossil fuel derived alternatives such as plastic, we can also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can see why we love working with wood so much. However, which wood is best when it comes to your windows and doors? We take a look…

Hardwoods and Softwoods
Timber is divided into two categories – hardwood and softwood. Generally speaking, most hardwoods offer a superior level of strength and durability as a result of a complex cellular structure that makes it very dense. Typical examples of hardwoods are Oak, Ash, Beech and Mahogany. Plus, hardwoods tend to take longer to grow and are generally more expensive than soft woods and are loved for their aesthetic appeal.

Softwoods are faster growing and are the most sustainable out of the two. Cedar, fir and pine are popular choices in construction projects as they are typically cheaper and easier to get hold of.

What wood do we use for our windows?
All our windows (and doors) are made of softwood with hardwood sills. As standard, the softwood we use is a kiln dried redwood which has greater thermal efficiency than most hardwoods. Our sills are always made from hardwood as it’s the area that is most susceptible to the weather and therefore, risk of decay. We tend to use Meranti hardwood. Plus, all our products and all our timber come from FSC or PEFC certified forests. The quality of our workmanship is reflected in our 30-year guaranteed period against rot on all timber products and our 15-year guarantee period on general workmanship including manufacture and installation, provided you have cared and maintained your windows as advised.

Beautiful, well-crafted and cared for windows can add significant value to a home and more than anything else, if you have invested your hard-earned money into them, you will want to enjoy them for as long as you can. If you would like to repair or replace your timber windows (or doors) our team of experienced joiners would be happy to help.  Simply call us on 01279 967 444 and we’ll do the rest.