How to clean wooden sash windows

If you’ve invested in installing or repairing wooden sash windows, then you’ll be keen to keep them looking like new for as long as you possibly can.  Cleaning and maintaining your windows is not just about keeping up with the Jones’s, it will help keep them in great working order and condition for longer. The good news about cleaning sash windows is that you can do so from inside your property, whilst keeping your two feet safely on the carpet – no ladders or harnesses needed, just a fully operational arm!

  • Begin by cleaning the outer face of the upper sash first. Just slide both sashes right down and carefully reach out and remove any built-up dirt or debris from the window frame and glass with a brush, vacuum or cloth.
  • To clean the glass on the outer face of the upper sash, we recommend a dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Apply and clean with a sponge.  Remove any dirt from the timber frame with a wet soapy cloth but be sure to dry after cleaning to remove excess water and a professional finish.
  • You are now able to clean the inner face of the bottom sash by lowering the top sash as far as it will go and lifting the bottom sash half-way up to clean the upper half of it. To clean the glass on the inside of the sash window we recommend a glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth.
  • Next, raise both sashes as far as they will go and clean the lower half of the outer glass with dishwashing liquid and water.
  • When it’s looking sparkly enough, pull the inner sash half-way down to allow access to the lower section. Remember, when cleaning glass on the interior you should use glass cleaner.

If you can’t see yourself in the reflection, repeat the process!

Have you recently had wooden sash windows installed? 

If you are lucky enough to be the recent owner of beautiful timber sash windows, here is some further advice on post-installation care for your windows (or doors) to ensure your windows (or doors) are working like they should?

  • Open your windows (or doors) daily in the first few weeks after installation and slowly decrease this to once a week as time goes on. Timber is a natural product that can expand and contract with weather changes and needs some ‘settling in’ time.  Keep your windows moving to avoid sticking.
  • If (at your request) your joinery has been installed primed only, they we recommend you apply a topcoat or stain asap.
  • Apply a silicone spray or candle wax to the pulley stiles regularly for smooth operation.
  • No slamming! Treat your windows with care to avoid damage and ensure that all fasteners are opened fully before use.  This way you are not trying to force open an obstructed window.

Beautiful sash windows are unrivalled in their appearance, but they do need to be given some TLC to keep them in tip-top shape.  If your sash windows are old and require some repair work – they may have sustained damage, or they may simply need to be refurbished due to their age – our window repair services will be just what you need.   We’re based in the home counties and are always happy to chat through your options, answer questions and provide a full (and free) quote01279 967 444