Once your wooden windows become damaged, or are operating less effectively, it may be time to replace the glass within them, or even replace them entirely. Replacing the glass can be beneficial to you, as it is a quick, cost-effective alternative to full window replacement. This option can benefit the insulation and security of your property, whilst also breathing new life into the appearance of your windows with spotless panes of glass. Allow us to explain some of the benefits of replacing the glass in your timber windows, and why you should consider this option.

Upgrading insulation

If you notice heat is escaping from your home at an alarming rate, and you are having to leave your central heating on for long periods of time, it could be because you have single glazed windows. If you decide to upgrade the glazing, this will slow down the process of heat passing through your windows and leaving your home, meaning each room in your home will retain this warmth for longer. This makes glass replacement a worthwhile investment to make your property more energy efficient.

Noise pollution

For homes that are located in highly populated areas with large amounts of traffic and other outside noise, it can often cause a large amount of disruption in the home and make it difficult to create a peaceful environment. Why not try replacing existing window glass with acoustic glass? This glass can reduce noise by one decibel per millimetre, which can be combined with double glazing to both reduce noise levels and improve insulation in your home. it is important to remember that this can only be carried out as part of full replacement of your timber windows.


If you are considering upgrading window security, opting for stronger safety glass could be the way to do so. This type of glass is more resilient and will provide greater protection should you suffer a break-in. You have multiple options when choosing safety glass for your windows. Laminated glass is held together by interlayers and will not shatter if broken by an intruder. Toughened glass is much stronger than standard glazing and if it does endure enough impact to cause it to break, it will only break into chunks.

Glass replacement vs. full window replacement

Rather than replacing the glass within your casement or sash windows, you may want to replace your wooden windows altogether. This may be for multiple reasons, including:

Aging windows

As your timber sash or casement windows get older, the condition of the wooden window frames will gradually deteriorate. Damaged timber can affect their ability to open and close, as well as making the glass within them loose and unsafe to the occupants of your property.

A longer-term solution

Replacing the glass in your windows will only solve the problem if the glass is the only element at fault. If the window frames are old and damaged too, you may need to consider having a full high-quality replacement carried out. This will mean you won’t have to worry about your windows for years to come.

If you wish to have replacement wooden windows and doors fitted at your home, or to simply upgrade the glass, our team at Home Counties Joinery can offer their assistance. Our specialist joiners can manufacture windows or doors that are custom made to your specifications, for your property. To make an enquiry with us, call now on 01279 967 444 or email info@homecountiesjoinery.co.uk so that we can discuss your preferences.