Now that we are into the spring months and the weather is improving, it is a good time to check over your sash windows to make sure that they are still in good condition and not showing signs of wear and tear. If you discover any damage, it will be a good time to have repairs carried out just in time for summer so that you can properly ventilate your home. If you are unsure on the best way to check over your windows, or the steps to take should you encounter any damage, allow us to offer you some advice to make sure they remain in their best condition.

How often should you check your sash windows?

Depending on the age of your wooden sash windows, some may require maintenance more often than others. If you have recently had them fitted, you should expect them to require maintenance approximately every 5 years. For older timber windows, more regular maintenance will be required to prevent timber decay and keep the key parts of your window working smoothly.

What should you check for when carrying out sash window maintenance?

You should carry out a visual check of your timber sash windows on a regular basis, just to make sure that there is no noticeable damage such as cracks or holes in the wood. You should be looking for anything that could affect your windows opening and closing safely or affecting the insulation of your home. Any important moving parts, sash cords and draught proofing should be checked to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Wood damage

You should check your windows for rotting wood, closely assessing the box and frame and making sure they are completely secure. Any signs of damage such as gaps, or if you can feel a draught coming through should be treated as soon as possible, otherwise you may run the risk of the problem developing into something more serious.


Any damage to the wood could cause the glass in your window to become loose, making your windows less effective at insulating your home and costing you more on your energy bills. Any loose panes could also be at risk of falling and smashing, potentially causing injury to you or your family, so you should resolve this as quickly as possible.


Sash cords are important moving parts to allow your sash windows to slide open and closed. If they become damaged, it will prevent your window moving up and down properly. This isn’t just annoying, but the extra exertion needed to open and close them could cause further damage to the frames of glass.

How to carry out sash window maintenance

If you want to maintain your sash windows and restore them to their best condition, there are a few steps you can take:


Use glass cleaner and a damp sponge or cloth to clean the glass panes in the window. You should also remove any dirt or dust from the cracks and crevices, polishing the wood and giving it a new paint job can restore its shine, helping to bring the windows back to life.


If you notice any problems such as decaying wooden sash windows, or cracks in the glass, you may be able to repair or replace these yourself depending on the severity of the damage. Cracks or holes can be covered using filler, although this may only be a temporary fix so you should keep an eye on these. Applying oil or wax to the cords can keep them working smoothly and allow your window to open and close more easily. You may need to remove the frame of the existing windows to do this.

For any repairs or maintenance you don’t feel confident carrying out yourself, speak to our windows, doors and shutter experts at Home Counties Joinery. Our sash window specialists can replace broken glass or remove rotten timber, correcting any damage and replacing any parts that are no longer working as they should. To speak to us regarding repairs or having replacement windows fitted, call 01279 967 444 or email