sash windows

When considering sash and casement windows, it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for your home. Both have their own benefits, so it is a matter of weighing up which style meets your needs and requirements the best. Sash windows offer versatility in that you can have either the top or bottom half open to allow air to flow into your property. Casement windows provide security and insulation for your home, so are an option worth considering. With each window offering its own unique aesthetic, there are benefits for both, which makes it difficult to choose between the two. Allow us to help make your decision more straightforward.


Why are sash windows the right choice for you?


Sash windows are either single or double hung, which means either one or both sashes are operational depending on your preferences. Having double hung sash windows allows you to control whether the top or bottom half of your window is open, which allows for the best ventilation possible.


Households with young children often choose a double hung sash window so they can close the bottom half but open the top half for ventilation when their children are around. Alternatively, sash stops can be installed to single or double hung sashes which come into play when the sash is raised more than ten centimetres, preventing it from being lifted any higher. The opening will be too small to pose any immediate risk to curious children in the house.


The majority of homes that were built during the Georgian and Victorian periods were fitted with sash windows, so this type of window is perfect for this style of property. Sash windows are still well suited to modern homes due to their flexibility to suit different interiors and exteriors, and they can be painted to your preferences to complement your property. In fact, at Home Counties Joinery we can colour match to your preferred paint brand including Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene, and Fired Earth. As standard we use White Gloss or White Satin on our window frames, but if you want something more befitting to your property style, it is not a problem.


The quality of sash windows and their technology has vastly improved in recent years, so that you can now expect these important working parts to last a lot longer than previously expected. There are now unbreakable sash cords and beads available so your windows will continue to open and close smoothly for years to come. Every item we make is custom made to suit its environment perfectly. Our windows are all made of timber to offer great aesthetics, thermal performance, and longevity. In fact, we are so confident in our craftmanship that all the joinery we make is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, with an insurance-backed guarantee.


Why are casement windows the right choice for you?


Casement windows open outwards as if they are a door and are easy to operate with the capability to open as far as you need them. This allows them to provide an unobstructed view, whilst funnelling fresh air into your home and allowing for maximum ventilation.


The effortless way casement windows open and close means that once they are closed and locked in place, they cannot be opened from the outside making them one of the safest types of windows for a home and an excellent deterrent to any potential intruders.


With casement windows able to be closed tightly in their frames, they form an airtight seal which prevents any draught from coming in through your windows. They are also effective at slowing down heat from escaping your property, which means that they provide excellent insulation and can keep your home warmer for longer.


It can be difficult to decide between sash or casement windows, and your final decision may depend on your style of property, and which one is more suited to the aesthetic. Each type has its own benefits, so once you have decided on the right option, we can help take care of design, manufacture, and installation. We can install both sash windows and casement windows at your property, with an experienced team able to create windows just for you. Call 01279 967 444 or email to find out how we can help transform your home with beautifully crafted timber windows.