If you have, or are about to invest in, beautiful wooden windows, you will be keen to know how you can maintain them to ensure they are looking tip top for many years to come.  Hardwood windows that are well cared for can add significant value to a home and above all else, if you have invested your hard-earned money into them, you will want to enjoy them for as long as you possibly can.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of caring for timber windows, it’s important note that all our windows (and doors) are made from softwood with hardwood sills. The softwood we use is a kiln dried redwood which is generally more thermally efficient than most hardwoods. Our sills are always made from hardwood as it’s the area that is most susceptible to the weather and risks decay.  We tend to use is Meranti hardwood. Plus, all our products and all our timber come from FSC or PEFC certified forests. So, if your windows are installed by us, you can rest assured that the wood used to create your products is of exceptional quality, sustainable and good for the environment.

We use Teknos for all paint and treatments for our timber products. Teknos is an extremely high-quality manufacturer of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints with sustainability at their core. 

Prior to painting our windows, we use a Teknos End Grain Sealer which seals the wood on the face/end grain and prevents it from starting to dry, so that it evens out the drying on the piece of timber. We then apply two coats of Teknos Water-Based Primer (ensuring that the timber dries between coats to offer full protection).

Following the primer, two coats of Teknos Water-Based Topcoat is applied and we are vigilant at checking each item between coats to ensure full adhesion and protection.

Post installation care

Caring for newly installed windows (and doors) is important, and we recommend carrying out the following things in the days and weeks after new windows are installed to keep your windows (and doors) working like they should:

  • Open your windows (or doors) daily in the first few weeks’ post installation. Timber is a natural product that can expand and contract with the weather and needs a little time to settle into its new environment. It is important to keep your windows and doors moving, otherwise they can stick and become tricky to open.  You can gradually decrease this to every other day, followed by at least once a week as time goes on.
  • In most instances, customers prefer us to install our joinery fully finished as per their requirements. This means that once the joinery is installed, it is not necessary to repaint or apply a topcoat to the joinery itself. However, if you prefer that your joinery is installed primed only (or bare), then you should apply a topcoat or stain straight away. A base coat stain or a paint primer is not an adequate seal by itself.  We recommend applying the final finishes well within the recommended three months.

Ongoing maintenance and care for your new or existing wooden windows

To ensure your windows (and doors) provide longevity we recommend the following:

      • Inspect surface coatings, glazing and ironmongery annually (at least).
      • Maintain the decorative finish applied to our products with regular servicing to ensure moisture is unable to penetrate the timber at any time in its life.
      • Look after the paint finish of your custom-made joinery by maintaining regularly.We recommend painting according to the following schedule for our standard white paints (for paints that are not our standard, make sure the manufacturer guidelines are followed):
Location Moderate Harsh Extreme
Sheltered 7 years 6 years 5 years
Part sheltered 6 years 5 years 4 years
Exposed 5 years 3 years 3 years
  • General cleaning is advised on a regular basis (minimum twice yearly). Use a non-abrasive cloth with mild detergent and warm water to remove any contaminates and be sure to change the water frequently. Rinse thoroughly with clean water (no hoses or pressure equipment). If you do notice any damage while cleaning, repair immediately.

The quality of our workmanship is reflected in our 30-year guaranteed period against rot on all timber products and our 15-year guarantee period on general workmanship including manufacturer and installation, provided you have cared and maintained your windows as advised.  If you have any questions or queries about any of our wood treatments of aftercare guidance, we are just a phone call or an email away.