Casement window glass upgrades in the Home Counties

When you choose new casement windows, we can also offer you a casement window glass replacement service using upgraded glass. We have two options: safety glass and acoustic glass, helping you improve your way of life and make your property more secure.

Modern glazing is highly energy efficient (we offer double glazing as standard in all new windows). However, if you’re looking to solve a particular issue, or there’s something more you need from your glazing, consider the option of safety or acoustic glass. We’ll be happy to talk to you about these options in more detail so you understand their benefits.

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    Casement window glass upgrade options

    Looking to replace your casement window glazing in the Home Counties and upgrade it to a better option? Here are your choices.

    Acoustic glass

    Acoustic glass is the perfect noise reduction option and is chosen by many of our customers who live in cities or busier areas of the Home Counties. Acoustic glazing can reduce noise by one decibel (dB) per 1mm of glass – a 10dB reduction is perceived to cut the noise in half by the human ear.

    Acoustic glass can also be double glazed to make sure your thermal performance will be excellent too, with an Argon filled cavity and warm edge spacer between panes.

    Please note: we can only upgrade your casement window glazing to acoustic glass if we’re replacing your windows altogether. This is because the glazing will need to fit into the frames, and the only way we can guarantee this is by supplying the frame ourselves. Older casement window frames are thinner and there won’t be room for modern glazing.

    Safety glass

    Choose from two different types of safety glass for casement windows:

    1. Laminated glass. Held together with interlayers, laminated glass won’t shatter if broken. This makes it a popular choice for commercial properties due to the increased safety.
    2. Toughened glass. Treated with heat, toughened glass is stronger than normal glazing, making it harder to break. If it does get broken, it will break into chunks instead of shattering.

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