Pre-installation confirmation

Please read over these points carefully ahead of your installation before completing the form below. This will outline the process to you and make you aware of all relevant details.

  1. Working space. Please ensure the immediate area around your windows is clear – there should not be any furniture or other items present as these could get damaged. If the area is not clear, we accept no liability for issues that might occur if installers move items.

We also need wires, cables and pipes that run through or underneath the windows/doors to be removed. We also require radiators below windows to be removed. Curtains, shutters and blinds must be taken down. If we are able to continue with the work, we accept no liability for damage.

Depending on the circumstances, we may need to rearrange the installation, which may incur additional charges.

  1. Dust sheets and floor coverings. Your installers will cover the floor and furniture with dust sheets in the area where they are working. If you would like them to take additional steps, such as wearing shoe coverings in certain areas, please just let us know.

Do be aware that we are carrying out building work, which can cause mess during installation. This can particularly be the case when we are replacing window frames. If you have any items you would like to protect from airborne dust, we recommend you move and cover them beforehand.

  1. Parking. We work throughout the Home Counties so do not have specific parking permits. If there is restricted parking in your area, your installer will pay for parking and costs will be added to your final invoice plus VAT (as instructed to us by HMRC). If you have off-street parking available or visitors’ permits that we can use, please contact us to let us know.
  1. Lead usage – relating to sash replacements only. If we quote for a new sashes installed into existing box frames, we do not quote for counterbalancing lead weights in advance (this will be specified in your estimate). We do not know how much will be needed in advance, so your fitters will record exactly how much is used and this will be added to your final invoice. Lead is charged at £2.50 plus VAT per lb.
  1. Timings. Our installation team aims to arrive with you between 8am and 10am as they will need to collect materials from our workshop first; we cover a large area, which is why we cannot give a specific time.

Many of our customers need to leave before we arrive, in which case we suggest providing a spare set of keys. We do not suggest booking time off work around our installations, as timings are best estimates and some jobs may take longer than anticipated. We always finish a job before moving on to the next one.

Fitters work Monday to Friday; we do not usually work at weekends.

  1. Completion. Your fitters will advise you on when they expect to complete work at your property. We give you estimates on timings before the installation, and you will be updated throughout. We strongly advise that you are present for completion so that your fitters can run over the works with you and you can sign. If you cannot be present, please contact your fitters before 6pm on the evening of completion, otherwise we will consider the work to be completed as per our terms.

When you have read these points, please complete this form.