Sash windows in Canterbury

Are you considering new sash windows in Canterbury? If so, call on Home Counties Joinery. We manufacture brand new windows to replace your existing ones, making sure they’re the perfect aesthetic and fit in with all period features. At the same time, your new windows will use the latest technology to ensure they’re secure, soundproof, well insulated, and made to last.

There are many beautiful period homes in Canterbury, so sash windows are in high demand in this area. St Johns Place, Sun Street, Broad Street, St Peters Lane, and many more streets in Canterbury are lined with historical character properties. We will come out and see your property in person first so we can assess your needs in full, and design sash windows that will be perfectly tailored to you.

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Beautiful, sash windows bespoke to you

Much of Canterbury’s historic charm comes from its properties and architecture. Canterbury Cathedral, Christ Church Gate, St Augustine’s Abbey, the grade II listed cottages on Mill Lane, and many other sights make this city special. We know every property is unique, which is why we make sash windows from scratch, focusing on every single detail to make sure they are perfect.

Our windows will perfectly match any Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian home. They will improve your property’s overall aesthetics, while we also work carefully to retain all character features and match existing joinery. Your sash windows will balance a traditional look with modern functionality and materials; it’s the perfect combination for any sash window.

We can also offer glass upgrades – please note, this service can only be offered when we replace sash windows in full, as the thicker glazing needs to fit securely into the frames. These are your options:

Acoustic glass

Great for busier areas of Canterbury (such as Watling Street, St Dunstans St and Old Dover Road), this glazing can reduce noise by 1dB for every 1mm of glass. Noise levels over 45dB can affect sleep, so controlling them is very important to your wellbeing.

Safety glass

Choose from toughened glass which is harder to break, or laminated glass. In the unlikely case of the glass breaking, it won’t shatter, making it a safer option for the public and people inside the building.

Our sash window services

Our sash window services are bespoke – every window is completely custom made to suit every property. We can also offer sash window repairs where this is more appropriate. Learn about both options.

Sash window repairs in Canterbury

Where possible, we repair sash windows in Canterbury. If your box frames are still in decent condition, this can be the more cost-effective option – we are careful to save you money wherever we can. Some of our most popular sash window repair services include:

  • Draughtproofing
  • Weatherproofing
  • Window frame repairs
  • Lock replacements
  • Window frame replacements
  • Glazing repairs or replacements
  • Rotting timber removal
  • Replacement of individual parts, like beads, sills and cords

There’s also the option to keep the box frame and replace just the sashes if this external element is still intact.

Sash window replacements in Canterbury

Many sash windows are very old and have sustained damage over the years. Others have simply become weathered and worn beyond repair. Sometimes a full window replacement will be more economical – we will complete your consultation and talk you through all your options so that you completely understand them. Any windows that we replace will be made in a period style to perfectly complement your property, and will fit in with existing joinery too.

These are some of the key benefits of new sash windows:

  • Major aesthetic improvements for your property
  • Excellent levels of insulation and weatherproofing
  • Good soundproofing
  • Excellent security
  • Easy operation
  • Unbreakable cords

New sash windows can also improve the value of your property, so they can be a very beneficial investment.

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    Canterbury windows and joinery, made for you

    In addition to making sash windows, we offer a number of complementary joinery services, including:

    • Wooden casement window replacements
    • Wooden casement window repairs/refurbishments
    • Custom made internal and external doors
    • Bespoke plantation shutter manufacture and installation
    • Bespoke joinery (fitted wardrobes, furniture etc.)

    Made in Britain

    Why choose us for sash windows?

    Bespoke sash windows, made entirely for you.

    Your windows will complement your property, retaining and enhancing all period features while giving you the benefit of modern window technology.

    Free consultations.

    A sash window expert will visit your home or business property to assess the condition of your current windows and talk you through all your options. Our services are completely personalised.

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    We will send over a full, free quote so you can decide whether to go ahead with our services.

    environmentally friendly products

    Environmentally friendly.

    Our timber is responsibly sourced. We make sure all timber used for our windows comes from sustainable, well-managed sources.

    UK-made windows.

    British joinery is unique: you help preserve this important trade when you choose us. We’re proud to be members of Made in Britain, championing British manufacturing.

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