Wooden bi-fold doors in the Home Counties

We design, manufacture and install beautiful, bespoke bi-fold doors for properties of all styles. All doors are made in our very own Home Counties workshop, so anything is possible, whether you want to upgrade your existing doors or this is a new home improvement project for you.

Timber is the perfect material for bi-fold doors – strong, durable, and enduringly beautiful, it’s the top choice for many homeowners. It’s also the perfect choice if you have a period home or a more traditional property, but you’re looking for modern living options that will enhance your way of life. Bi-fold doors can do just this, merging the indoors with the outdoors and making spaces light and bright. A natural timber frame keeps the design grounded in tradition – timber will never go out of fashion, and will always be a thing of beauty.

We make all doors from scratch, designed for your property and to your specifications. Customer service is an important part of our offering and we want to make sure you’re happy during all parts of the process, from the first time you make contact, through to the day of completion.

Get in touch to book a complimentary consultation with a specialist in bespoke wooden bi-fold doors. Call 01279 967 444 or email info@homecountiesjoinery.co.uk.

Wooden external bi-fold doors

We can replace and upgrade existing bi-fold doors made of timber, uPVC or metal, as well as fitting new doors if you’re making home improvements. Timber is becoming an increasingly popular option, as people realise the longevity it offers.

We can also replace older door designs, such as sliding patio doors or side hinged doors. Bi-fold doors are light, open easily and will be designed to fit perfectly, so they’ll always be an excellent upgrade for your home. We only use the highest quality timber and everything about your doors will be uniquely designed and beautifully crafted.

Do your current doors need replacing?

If you have existing external doors that are several years old, it might be time for a replacement. Door technology is improving all the time, so by replacing your doors now, you can enjoy better aesthetics, insulation and functionality (bi-fold doors have become much lighter and their operation has become considerably smoother with time).

These are some of the signs that your bi-fold doors may need to be replaced:

  • Stiff hinges that make it difficult to open or close the door
  • Moisture between glass panes, gaps around the panes or glazing that’s damaged in any way
  • Chips and physical damage to the body of the door
  • Cracking, weathering or warping which affects the door’s operation
  • Gaps around the door where it no longer fits the frame
  • Broken or damaged handles and door furniture

Please just ask for your free consultation and we’ll tell you about the possibilities.

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We cover all areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

    Why choose timber bi-fold doors?

    Bespoke wooden bi-fold doors complement modern and traditional properties. They’re enduringly beautiful – here are some of the key considerations:

    Wooden bi-fold doors


    Natural timber is simply stunning.

    Wooden bi-fold doors


    Bi-fold doors made from timber have real character.

    Bi-fold doors

    Thermal efficiency.

    Wood is a natural thermal insulator so it’s ideal for external doors.

    Wooden bi-fold doors


    We make all doors ourselves, so the options are endless.

    Wooden bi-fold doors


    Timber is low maintenance and will look its best for years to come.

    Wooden bi-fold doors


    Wood is a renewable material – ours is sustainably sourced.

    Personalising your bespoke wooden bi-folds

    Bi-fold doors aren’t just doors – they’re a new way of life. Opening up rooms and bringing the outdoors in, they’re a stunning additional to any home, and beautiful timber frames are the perfect premium option.

    If you need advice and assistance when specifying your doors, we’re here to help. It’s not every day you choose new bespoke bi-fold doors, whereas we work with them every day! We put that knowledge to good use in helping you pick your perfect options.







    You can also select:

    • Finish
    • Shape and design
    • Security features
    • Glazing
    • Door furniture

    Why choose us for new wooden bi-fold doors in the Home Counties?

    We can craft your perfect timber bi-fold doors. Customers choose us because:

    We offer 10-year warranties.

    All bi-fold doors are covered for a minimum of 10 years, by an insurance-backed guarantee.

    Customer experience really matters.

    We prioritise your requirements and your experience. We’re here if you need us.

    Our surveyors give free quotes.

    Book a consultation with a surveyor to get a free, no-obligation quote for your doors.

    Our bi-fold doors are bespoke.

    Tell us what you want, pick the aesthetics you love, and we’ll craft a design that’s perfect for your property.

    We can work with any property.

    We find solutions for period properties, uniquely shaped properties and more. Ultimately, we’ll accommodate you.

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